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Recovery Center East

Recovery Center East

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A Recovery Center is a peer-run program activities that are designed to help individuals with one or more psychiatric diagnoses to live, work and fully participate in communities. These activities are based on the principle that people who share common conditions or experiences can be of substantial assistance to each other.

Specific program activities are designed to:

  • Build on existing best practices in self-help, peer support, and mutual support;
  • Assist individuals in identifying, remembering, or discovering their own passions in life;
  • Provide individual, peer mentoring services to connect people who have rejected formal behavioral health services;
  • Offer services geared to engage people with psychiatric disabilities into employment, education, and career development, and;
  • Support individuals in linking to community groups, organizations, networks or places that will nurture and feed an individual’s passions in life.

Social, recreation events with a focus on community participation opportunities will be the basis for exposing individuals to potential passion areas through dynamic experiences, in contrast to traditional lectures and presentations.

MHAW’s Recovery Center seeks to engage people who are often disengaged by formal mental health system programs but who live with risk factors that may lead them to prescription drug/substance abuse, emergency rooms, and hospital settings. The Center’s focus is on an individual’s strengths and interest rather than traditional labels and diagnoses. The program serves as a peer-run community-learning center for advancing the power and impact of peer-to-peer relationships and Certified Peer Specialist practice.

Sites and hours of operation:

The Recovery Center operates without walls, meaning that it operates from multiple sites and venues. Activities are scheduled weekdays, evenings, and weekends, depending on the nature of, and the need for, community activities and events. In addition, peer specialist staff will provide individual and flexible peer support services at hours beyond group activities and may occur in-person, via telephone, and even by way of electronic media.

Katherine Tollefson
Program Coordinator
631-369-4418 x1901

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