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Does your school, office, community group or organization need help addressing Mental Health?

In an effort to bring about better understanding and acceptance, MHAW offers speakers on a variety of topics concerning mental health challenges and mental illnesses. Topics can include:

  • Suicide Prevention
  • Mental Health First Aid (How to intervene when someone shows signs of a MH condition)
  • Workplace Wellness
  • Bullying and Anger management
  • Myths and Realities About Mental Illness and Recovery
  • Dual Disorders: Mental Illness and Substance Use and Abuse
  • Mental Health Challenges Beneath Physical Health Conditions
  • How to Get Help When Your Loved One Has A Mental Illness

Incorporating Peers into Your Organization’s Workforce

Data indicates that when peer work is added to traditional services, outcomes are enhanced and services are more effective. Peer Workers offer unique skills and personal perspectives that engage service recipients and give staff and customers the opportunity to see peers successfully functioning in productive social roles
In order to capitalize on this opportunity, professional and paraprofessional staff may need support to transition to a peer-friendly workforce. MHAW’s Careers in Recovery staff can help build a culture of success for your organization as you incorporating a peer worker by addressing staff concerns and developing job descriptions.

Community and School Education Programs

First started in 2007, our in-school education programs instruct children and teachers on the various aspects of mental illness and promote mental wellness. Reaching children throughout Suffolk County, presentation topics include

  • An Overview of Mental Health
  • Mental Illness: Building Understanding and Tolerance
  • Coping Skills: Managing Stress and Your Emotions
  • What a Difference a Friend Makes

It is through today’s youth that we are able to carry the message to our communities, educating and advocating towards an accurate view and better understanding of mental illness.


Alexis Rodgers, LMSW
Coordinator for Community Outreach & Education
631-226-3900 ext.1315

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