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Peer Specialist Training

We support people with lived experience to develop careers in the human services field. Our training programs allow individuals to gain the basic skills to ready them for a variety of employment opportunities. Once employment has been secured, we offer support and additional training opportunities to help the person develop skills to build a career that allows for satisfaction, personal growth, and readiness to respond to the current needs of the behavioral health care system. Our peer-based training programs include:

  • Careers in Recovery and Wellness Training Program: This is a 10 week classroom experience training for people interested in volunteering or working in the Recovery and Wellness field as a peer specialist.  The training is rooted heavily in human rights and in the values and principles of peer support. In order for a person to become an effective, skilled peer specialist, these core values and principles serve as the foundation to ensure best practice and ethical approaches.  Students completing the course will acquire knowledge, experience, and skills necessary to offer trauma- informed peer support. Along the way, they will also learn about the New York Peer Specialist Certification process and, from the course, gain the requisite knowledge to pass the required test on the Academy of Peer Services online training platform which, in turn, leads to eligibility to apply for the NY Peer Specialist Certification.
  • Continuing Education: Through our Center for Peer Excellence, we offer ongoing training and skill-building workshops including topics such as: “Becoming a Supervisor,” “Maintaining a Peer Identity,” “Cultural Competency,” among others.
  • Recovery and Wellness Networking Meeting: A monthly meeting where participants discuss and support one another regarding issues related to working and seeking employment as a peer specialist.

Tracy Puglisi
Coordinator of Peer Recovery and Wellness Education
631-471-7242 x 1302

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