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HARP Care Manager, Adult Care Management Program

HARP Care Manager, Adult Care Management Program

Salary: $53,000+ annual salary plus benefits package

Hours: Monday–Friday, 8:30–4:30

Location: Riverhead, NY

Availability: ASAP

Position Description:

The HARP Care Manager will work primary with HARP enrolled clients and will focus on assisting these individuals in connecting to Home and Community Based Services (HCBS). The HARP Care Manager will also work as a Recovery Coordination Agency (RCA) Care Manager. The HARP Care Manager will report directly to the Assistant Program Director for Clinical Practice and work closely with all Care Management teams, including Outreach and Engagement Team, to ensure that the program is meeting HARP/HCBS targeted outcomes. The HARP Care Manager will participate in meetings with the HCBS Team, including the HCBS Infrastructure Project meetings.  The HARP Care Manager will assume some administrative tasks; including, but not limited to, running and distributing reports, tracking and monitoring CM progress towards meeting HARP/HCBS targeted outcomes, and regular communication with Managed Care Organizations. The HARP Care Manager will assist with Health Home Care Management client coverage as needed.


Work is done primarily in the community and position entails travel throughout Suffolk County. Agency vehicles can often be used but a safe, personal auto and a clean NYS Driver’s License are required; mileage reimbursement provided. The HARP Care Managers will receive weekly supervision, extensive training opportunities, and as much support as needed. Great working environment; laptops and cell phones provided.

Key responsibilities will include:

  • Conducting HCBS Eligibility Assessments, Letters of Service Determination Requests and HARP Plans of Care.
  • Providing supportive, recovery and wellness-directed coaching and counseling in-person and via telephone communication, as needed.
  • Working in multiple electronic platforms, including: GSI, Caretool and Cerner.
  • A Master’s degree in a human service/health discipline and a minimum of 1 year experience is required. License in Social Work/ Mental Health Counseling is preferred.
  • Health Home/State Aid Care Management experience and HCBS knowledge preferred
  • Excellent inter-personal communication including the ability to establish empathic, empowering relationships with people who have experienced psychiatric and substance abuse disabilities and trauma as well as debilitating physical conditions;
  • Strong communication skills with health professionals involved in the client’s care;
  • Understanding of the key elements of recovery and wellness;
  • Sound organizational skills including computer skills (agency uses electronic health records).
  • Basic knowledge of the public health/mental health system, public entitlement and social service programs;
  • Candidate must be a reliable self-starter with the ability to work both independently and as part of an interdisciplinary team.

Application: Please send resume & cover letter to Kristi Bosco at: kbosco@mhaw.org or fax to (631) 676-6934.

Kristi Bosco
Association for Mental Health & Wellness


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